2021-2022 Graduate and Professional Program Catalog 
    Mar 25, 2023  
2021-2022 Graduate and Professional Program Catalog


Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland

Linda R. Gooden, Chair Isiah (Ike) Leggett
Barry P. Gossett, Vice Chair Sam Malhotra
Gary L. Attman, Treasurer Meredith M. Mears
William T. “Bill” Wood, Assistant Treasurer Robert R. Neall
Michelle A. Gourdine, M.D., Secretary Joseph Bartenfelder, ex officio
Robert D. Rauch, Assistant Secretary Louis Pope
Ellen Fish Kelly M. Schulz, ex officio
Geoff J. Gonella Aaliyah Edwards, Student Regent*
James Holzapfel Nathaniel Sansome, Student Regent**
D’Ana Johnson  

 *Term Expires 6/2022
**Term Expires 6/2021


Officers of the University System (Selected)

Jay A. Perman, MD, Chancellor
Denise Wilkerson, Chief of Staff to the Chancellor
Yolanda Williams-Clark, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
Joann Boughman, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Ellen Herbst, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Leonard R. Raley, Vice Chancellor for Advancement
Tim McDonough, Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing
Patrick J. Hogan, Vice Chancellor for Government Relations
Robert Kauffman, Council of University System of Maryland Faculty
Laila Shishineh, Chair, Council of University System of Maryland Faculty
Annie Rappeport, President, University System of Maryland Student Council


Officers of Administration, UMES

Heidi M. Anderson, Ph.D.
Robert Mock, Ed.D.
  Chief of Staff
Nancy S. Niemi, Ph.D.
  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Latasha Wade, Pharm.D.
  Vice Provost and MSCHE Accreditation Liaison Officier
Lester Primus, MBA
  Vice President for Administration and Finance
Gertrude Hairston, MBA
  Director of Human Resources Management
Hans Cooper
  Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Experience
Stanley Nyirenda, Ph.D.
  Director of Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment
LaTashia Swain-Gilliard
  Director of Title III Programs



Moses Kairo, Ph.D.
  School of Agricultural & Natural Science
Marshall F. Stevenson, Jr.
  School of Education, Social Sciences and The Arts
Derrek Dunn, Ph.D.
  School of Business & Technology
LaKeisha Harris, Ph.D.
  School of Graduate Studies and Research
Rondall Allen, Pharm.D., FAPhA
  School of Pharmacy and Health Professions
Sharon Brooks, MLS (Interim)
  Library Services


Department Chairs

Jurgen Schwarz, Ph.D.
  Agriculture, Food & Resource Science
Leesa Thomas-Banks, JD
  Business, Management & Accounting
Joyce Bell, Ph.D. (Interim)
  Criminal Justice and Social Sciences
Kimberly Poole-Sykes, Rh.D.
Yuanwei Jin, Ph.D.
  Engineering & Aviation Sciences
Dean Cooledge, Ph.D.
  English and Modern Languages
Margarita S. Treuth, Ph.D.
Christopher Harrington
  Fine Arts
Pamela Allison, Ph.D.
  Hospitality and Tourism Management
Grace Namwamba, Ph.D.
  Human Ecology
Ibibia Dabipi, Ph.D. (Interim)
  Mathematics and Computer Science
Jonathan Cumming, Ph.D.
  Natural Sciences
S. Victor Hsia, Ph.D.
  Pharmaceutical Sciences
Miriam Purnell, Pharm.D.
  Pharmacy Practice and Administration
Michael Rabel, Ph.D.
  Physical Therapy
Tiffany Maxwell, DHSc., SA, PA-C
  Physician Assistant
William Talley, Ph.D.
Kenny Fotouhi, Ph.D. (Interim)


Graduate Program Coordinators

Gurdeep Hura, Ph.D.
  M.S., Applied Computer Science
Thomas Loveland, Ph.D.
  M.Ed., Career & Technology Education
Deborah Sauder, Ph.D.
  M.S., Chemistry
Cheryl Bowers, Ph.D.
  M.Ed., Counselor Education
Nelseta Walter-Jones, Ph.D.
  M.S., Criminology & Criminal Justice
Derry Stufft, Ed.D.
  Ed.D., Education Leadership
Jurgen Schwarz, Ph.D.
  M.S., Food and Agricultural Sciences
Caleb Nindo, Ph.D.
  Ph.D., Food and Agricultural Sciences
Joseph Pitula, Ph.D.
  M.S. & Ph.D., Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences
Charles Baldwin, Ph.D.
  M.Ed., Master of Arts in Teaching
Prince Attoh, Ph.D.
  Ph.D., Organizational Leadership
Michael Rabel, Ph.D.
  D.P.T., Physical Therapy
Tiffany Maxwell, DHSc., MSA, PA-C
  M.M.S., Physician Assistant
Paulinus Chigbu, Ph.D.
  P.S.M., Professional Science Master’s
Leslie Santos, Ph.D.
  M.S., Rehabilitation Counseling
Patricia Goslee, Ed.D.
  M.Ed., Special Education
Ali Ishaque, Ph.D.
  M.S. & Ph.D., Toxicology


Graduate Council

LaKeisha L. Harris, Ph.D.
Cheryl Bowers, Ph.D.
Edward Chapin, Ph.D.
Paulinus Chigbu, Ph.D.
Ahmed Elnabawi, Ph.D.
Patricia Goslee, Ed.D.
Gurdeep Hura, Ph.D.
Patrice Jackson-Ayotunde, Ph.D.
Les Keninston, Ph.D.
Madan Kharel, Ph.D.
Thomas Loveland, Ph.D.
Miguel Martin, Ph.D.
Caleb Nindo, Ph.D.
Salina Parveen, Ph.D.
Kimberly Pool-Sykes, Rh.D.
Dinesh Sharma, Ph.D.
Jocelyn Simmons (Graduate Student Representative)
Lily Tsai, Ph.D.
Nelseta Walters-Jones, Ph.D.


Directors (Selected)

Chenita Reddick, CFRM
  Advancement Services
Theresa Queenan, Ph.D.
  Career and Professional Development
Kimberly Clark-Shaw, M.Ed.
  Center for Access and Academic Success
Lombuso Khoza, Ph.D. (Interim)
  Center for International Education
Brian Bergen-Aurand, Ph.D.
  Center for Instructional Technology and Online Learning
Bonita Byrd, MBA
Malkia Johnson, DSW
  Counseling Center
Marcel Jagne-Shaw, MPA
  Financial Aid
Michael Lane, Ph.D.
  Honors Program
Emmanuel T. Acquah, Ph.D.
  International Development Programs
Bill Robinson
  Public Relations
Cheryl Holden-Duffy, MBA
Courtney Thompson, M.S.
  Residence Life
Catherine Bolek
  Sponsored Researh and Programs
Kadeem Turnbull, M.Ed.
  Alumni Relations and Special Events
Sharon Grant
  Student Health Center
Michael Hall
  Wellness Center
Gerry Weston
  WESM Radio Station