2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog *As of 10/16/2023 
    Feb 25, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog *As of 10/16/2023

PGA Golf Management, B.S.

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The PGA Golf Management Program at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore prepares students for a career in the golf industry. The PGA Golf Management program attracts and educates bright, highly-motivated men and women to service all aspects of this developing industry while working toward membership in the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. It is a comprehensive degree program that integrates all the curriculum requirements of a Hospitality and Tourism Management major with the knowledge base of the PGA Golf Management Program including sixteen months of structured internship experience and a Playing Ability Test (PAT).

Program Requirements

University of Maryland Eastern Shore students in the PGA Golf Management Program must complete the following PGA of America requirements prior to graduation to receive the PGA Golf Management specialty:

  1. Sixteen (16) months of full time cooperative/internship employed on a full-time basis.
  2. The passing of the PGA’s Playing Ability Test (met prior to beginning Level 3).
  3. Completion of all four levels of the PGA/PGM educational courses and tests.
  4. A PGA Golf Management student has 8 years to obtain PGA membership from the first day after successful completion of the Qualifying Level of the PGA Golf Management Program.

PGA Membership Upon Graduation

PGA Golf Management University Program graduates completing all requirements, including academics, PGA PGM education, required internships and passing the PGA Playing Ability Test are eligible for direct election to PGA membership upon graduation, completion of the PGA required background check, securing of eligible employment and submission of the PGA membership application with required fees.


Students will have one additional semester (at the discretion of UMES) beyond anticipated date of graduation (completion of academics) based on the university submitted curriculum sequence for individuals to complete all necessary PGA requirements and be eligible for direct election to PGA membership as noted above.  For individuals to be eligible for graduation with the PGA Golf Management major designation on the transcript, they must be continuously enrolled at the institution.  Any individual not continuously enrolled (per UMES policy) will not be eligible for the PGA Golf Management major, should they return to the institution at a later date and complete any outstanding PGA requirements.


Any individual not completing all requirements within the one additional semester will be submitted to the PGA of America as a dropped student.  If the individual has earned a college degree, not PGA Golf Management designation, they will receive 12 of the 36 credits necessary for election to PGA membership.  These individuals retain all PGA education requirements completed, but will not receive credit for any internships completed while enrolled at an accredited program.  These individuals must contact PGA membership to register as an associate and determine remaining requirements.


Probationary Standards

Members of the UMES PGA Golf Management Program will be placed on PGA Golf Management Probation at the beginning of an academic semester due to any one of the following:

  1. Cumulative grade point average less than 2.0.
  2. Failure to hand in appropriate work experience activities on due dates.
  3. Failure to attend PDP as required. This includes the two individual lessons and four PGMSA tournaments per semester until the PAT is passed.
  4. Not attempting the PAT a minimum of one time per semester.
  5. “No-Show” at a PAT.
  6. Missing two or more PGMSA meetings per semester.
  7. Outstanding Fees.
  8. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior.
  9. Failure to complete all incomplete tests within the six month time period.

Dismissal from the Program

The following reasons are grounds for dismissal from the PGA Golf Management Program:

  1. Less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA for two consecutive semesters.
  2. Probation within the PGA Golf Management Program for two consecutive semesters.
  3. Not participating in a PAT a minimum of two times per year until it has been passed.
  4. Failure to pass the PGA PAT by the beginning of Level 3.
  5. Committing a grievous act while on internship which results in termination.
  6. Students who fail a checkpoint a total of three times.
  7. Any behavior which is considered unethical by the PGA of America or to be a violation of the Code of Ethics as found in the PGA Constitution.


  1. PGA Golf Management Student Association Fees

Paid every semester to the PGMSA Treasurer


  1.  Semester PGA Golf Management Fees

Golf Course Access Fees
(includes Great Hope Golf Course and Range, Nutters Crossing Golf Course, UMES range, UMES PGA Golf Management paraphernalia)


PGA Playing Ability Test (PAT) until passed


Course Fees (Payable to facility on day of play)


PGMSA Tournament Fee


Player Development Fee until PAT is passed


  1. PGA Golf Management Program

August Freshman Year


Qualifying Level Portal Access


Qualifying Level Test


Student Affiliate Fee




January of Freshman Year


Level 1 Portal Access








August Sophomore Year


Level 1 Tests (Teaching and Coaching 1, Facilities Management 1)


Student Affiliate Fee


Level 1 Seminar



January of Sophomore Year


Level 2 Portal Access





August Junior Year


Level 2 Tests (Teaching and Coaching 2, Facilities Management 2)


Student Affiliate Fee


 Level 2 Seminars


January Junior Year


Level 3 Portal Access





August Senior Year


Level 3 Seminar (Business Simulation)


Student Affiliate Fee




January Senior Year


Level 3 Seminars (Teaching and Coaching 3, Facility Management 3)


Level 3 Test (Teaching and Coaching)


NOTE: These prices are estimates based on the latest information from PGA and UMES and are subject to change annually. 

Required Courses

General Education Requirements

All students are expected to complete a common body of academic course work. The General Education Requirements are designed to promote the development of a comprehensive educational base which will effectively support a student’s choice of a major concentration. MATH 099  does not meet the General Education Requirement and does not apply toward graduation requirements. Students should consult their assigned advisor when selecting any course.

Curriculum Area I - Arts and Humanities: Credits 9

Select two courses from any of the courses within Disciplines A - D, and ENGL 203 from Discipline E:

Curriculum Area II - Social and Behavioral Sciences: Credits 6

Select two courses from any of the courses within Social and Behavioral Sciences:

Curriculum Area IV - Mathematics: Credits 3

Curriculum Area V - English Composition: Credits 9

Curriculum Area VI - Emerging Issues: Credits 6

Additional Courses: Credits 6

In addition, students must complete 6 credit hours with the following two courses:

Total Required for General Education: Credits 41

1Students must pass ENGL 101  and ENGL 102  with grade of “C” or above before taking ENGL 203 .

2Honors students should take honors courses.

Curriculum Guide for Professional Golf Management


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